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She said: I got a peach, but where did my mango?
Hard to bury the stones, if all these melons show
Would you let me rock you like a chili pepper?
Strawberry swinging you
Wouldn’t it be better?

Pumpkin I don’t need to pay dimes
Don’t you worry, I’ll be sweet like limes, so

Just fucking in love
Tomato, tomato, girl you know my motto
If you’re fine as wine I’ll be eating grapes above your blueberry
eyes And if the apple’s still close to the tree
It’ll be a fruit festivity

I know that I might be hard to cope
But as long as you’re here I am willing
To turn on the radio
I just like to watch, and catch this feeling I got
I don’t like cold over hot but I like you
So let me turn on you and the radio

See thanks to the banana we be shaking on the right, (right?) the hi-hats on the left, (to the left) the kick in the middle, so can you kick (Yes, you can!) with a clap and a beat, I mean a clap and a kickdrum, um, so yeah

Yerah I’m just channeling these fruits on the TV-screen, but the colour ain’t orange
It’s pink, out there to be seen, but why tell me why it’s just nature, or nurture

I guess it’s just a wierd human kind of love, only we can understand but we’re in need of love, maybe form above? Wait…break it down

I think we should stop dis-gussing and just stay good friends
I know it seems bad, it actually is kinda wonderfull
It’s kinda wonderfull

But you have all of these people just thinking that the slick with the wax on
I’m talking ‘bout the dudes that walk around with the hats off
I’m trying to show off, turn all of the lights off, we should turn them back on
But don’t you dare to turn your back on her, ‘cause she’s still humaine
With a mind you can get inside of, like Pharrell though, still a G I R L who
Can decide what ever she wanna do, ‘till the day that you start to fade away
Body’s as deep as an 808, along with a snare too tight wanna get it in your nose
But it ain’t too clear till overdose, like crystal, just do the meth hand you’ll crack the code
But the wrong way, ‘cause you’re doing it white, so the right way will be doing it black, all right STOP OBJECTION. Let’s not race fast to conclusions


from Laws Of Motion, released March 3, 2016



all rights reserved


TYAH Netherlands

TYAH is a musical collective, consisting of Jonathan Olde, Robin Yerah and James Kint. They met in high school and have been making music together ever since. From arranging pieces for classical music open mic night, to making soul & hiphop records.

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